When you access and use the website LES MACHINES DE NANTES may collect certain personal data concerning you, that is to say information relating to you as a natural person and which allows to LES MACHINES DE NANTES to identify you, either directly (for example, your name or first name), or indirectly (for example, for the IP address of your navigation terminal).  

This personal data may be collected when you browse the Site, use the contact form, subscribe to the newsletter, create a customer account or place an order.

Your personal data is then subject to automated processing implemented by LES MACHINES DE NANTES .

LES MACHINES DE NANTES undertakes to process your personal data in a fair and lawful manner, in compliance with the provisions of Law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended relating to data, files and freedoms and the Regulations (EU) n ° 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, known as the “ General Data Protection Regulation ” ( or " GDPR ").     

The purpose of this personal data policy is to inform you of the conditions under which LES MACHINES DE NANTES processes your personal data, while ensuring their protection.


The person responsible for processing your personal data collected on the Site is LES MACHINES DE NANTES .


LES MACHINES DE NANTES may be required to process your first and last name, title, postal address, email address, telephone number, payment information, connection data (dates and times of connections, IP address) and navigation, order history products consulted, delivery incidents and complaints.


LES MACHINES DE NANTES collects the personal data that you provide voluntarily, in particular when :  

You fill out a contact request form ;        

You place an order for products.       

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the forms for collecting your personal data on the Site are mandatory. LES MACHINES DE NANTES draws your attention to the fact that if you do not provide this data, you will not be able to benefit from the services offered on the Site.

When you provide personal data on the Site concerning persons other than yourself, you guarantee that you have received the necessary authorizations and consents from the persons concerned by this personal data.

Other technical information concerning the consultation of the Site or its functionalities, in particular the IP address of your navigation terminal, are collected automatically as a result of your actions on the Site by means of cookies. Below you will find information about cookies.


On each of the following legal bases, LES MACHINES DE NANTES processes your personal data for the corresponding purposes :  

  1. For the purposes of performing a contract with LES MACHINES DE NANTES or pre-contractual measures taken at your request, your personal data is processed for the purposes of :  

Manage customer relations : management of the customer account, orders, payment transactions, deliveries, invoices, accounting, customer relations, complaints, unpaid bills and litigation ;         

Manage your requests to exercise your rights over your personal data       

On the basis of LES MACHINES DE NANTES ' legitimate interest in improving the quality of its products and of the Site, your personal data is processed for the purposes of :   

Carry out operations of statistics, analysis, prospecting and selection and segmentation of customers in order to improve customer knowledge;       

Set up contests and advertising.       

On the basis of the consent you have given LES MACHINES DE NANTES to this effect, your personal data is processed for the purposes of :  

Send you the newsletter as well as commercial offers;       

Personalize the Site according to your affinities and measure its attendance.       


The recipient of your personal data is LES MACHINES DE NANTES .

LES MACHINES DE NANTES is also required to transmit your personal data to subcontractors who process them on its behalf and according to its instructions. These subcontractor recipients are in particular :  

The banking organization responsible for the secure payment of the products ordered ;        

The LES MACHINES DE NANTES relay points responsible for providing you with the products you have ordered on the Site ;         

The external technical service providers of LES MACHINES DE NANTES who are involved in the development, distribution, operation and maintenance of the Site, in particular the developer and the host ;         

LES MACHINES DE NANTES external service providers involved in improving your experience when browsing the Site or sending the newsletter.       

Finally, LES MACHINES DE NANTES may be required to communicate your personal data to third parties in application of a law, a regulation, a decision of a regulatory or judicial authority and finally, if necessary, in order to preserve its own rights and interests, in particular in the event of violation of the General Conditions of Use of the Site.


No, LES MACHINES DE NANTES does not and does not intend to transfer your personal data to a country outside the European Union and the European Economic Area that does not ensure a level adequate protection of personal data.


LES MACHINES DE NANTES keeps your personal data for a period that does not exceed the period necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, in compliance with the regulations in force.

Personal data relating to prospects who have only made a contact request are kept for 3 years from their collection.

Personal data relating to a customer account that has never been used to place an order is kept for 3 years from the last activity recorded on the customer account. After this period, LES MACHINES DE NANTES reserves the right to delete your account.

Personal data relating to a customer account used to place at least one order is kept for 3 years from the last activity recorded on the customer account, with the exception of documents, accounting documents and information allowing proof of an order from produced on the Site which are kept for a period of 10 years from their collection, as accounting and tax evidence.


LES MACHINES DE NANTES informs you that with regard to the personal data it processes concerning you, you have the following rights at all times :  

a right of access;       

a right of rectification ;        

a right to erasure ;        

a right to restriction of processing ;        

a right to portability ;        

a right to object to processing, in particular for the purposes of commercial prospecting;        

a right to withdraw at any time the consent that you may have given when providing certain personal data, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent until its withdrawal ;        

a right to define general or specific directives relating to the storage, erasure or communication of your personal data after your death.       

These rights can be exercised at any time by writing to LES MACHINES DE NANTES :

or by post: 1-3 rue de Crucy , 44000 Nantes        

or by phone: +33 2 51 17 48 87        

either by email: CONTACT @ EMAIL .COM       

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Information and Freedoms (the " CNIL ") :    

or by post: 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07 ;         

either through the Internet on the site www.cnil.fr .        


In order to improve the quality of the Site and to facilitate your navigation, information relating to the navigation of your connection terminal (computer, tablet or smartphone) may be saved in files called " cookies " placed on your computer. terminal, subject to the choices you have expressed about them and which you can modify at any time.  

  1.  What is a cookie ? 

A cookie is a small text file saved on the hard drive of your navigation device (your computer, your tablet or your smartphone) through your browser software when you consult an online service.

The purpose of cookies is to provide you with quality use and service during your visit and, in this way, to offer you the best possible experience on the Site.

Cookies do not store any sensitive personal data about you, but simply recognize the device you are using to allow LES MACHINES DE NANTES to understand the way you browse the Site.

  1.  What cookies are used by LES MACHINES DE NANTES ?

To make browsing the Site more pleasant and easier for you, but also to get to know you better, LES MACHINES DE NANTES uses several types of cookies.

  1.  Functional cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to make your browsing on the Site more fluid and to allow optimal use of its various features.

They are essential for the Site and the functions that LES MACHINES DE NANTES offers to function properly. They also make its operation more user-friendly and give you a more personalized online experience.

These cookies are used to recognize and remember your preferences and in particular allow LES MACHINES DE NANTES to :  

Identify you when you log on to the Site, so that you do not have to manually enter your login details on each visit;       

Adapt the presentation of the Site to the display preferences of your navigation terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.), depending on the hardware and viewing or reading software that your terminal includes ;       

Facilitate your searches by keeping your automatic searches;       

Improve your user experience by pre-filling certain fields of the forms.       

The functional cookies used by LES MACHINES DE NANTES are those offered.

  1.  Performance cookies

LES MACHINES DE NANTES uses performance cookies to analyze the use made of the Site in order to improve its functioning.

These cookies make it possible in particular to identify the number of visitors, analyze the most visited pages, record how you use the Site in order to improve the performance of the Site and its content and improve your experience. navigation.

The performance cookies used by LES MACHINES DE NANTES are those offered by GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

  1.  How long are cookies kept?

The retention period of cookies placed on the Site varies according to their type, but does not exceed a maximum period of 13 months from the date of their creation.

  1.  Who uses the information collected by cookies ? 

The information collected by cookies set up on the Site is used exclusively by LES MACHINES DE NANTES .

  1.  How to accept or refuse the deposit of cookies ? 

You can express or modify your wishes in terms of cookies at any time, and in particular withdraw your consent.

To do this, you must configure your browser software so that cookies are saved in your terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer.

You can also configure your browser software so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies is offered to you from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be saved in your terminal.

For the management of cookies, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your preferences in terms of cookies.

If you delete cookies, however, you may not be able to benefit from certain features of the Site.